asphalt repair

Asphalt Repair in Columbia, SC

Our team understands that asphalt repairs can be a large investment and that is imperative that the work is done properly. Whether your property is a large shopping plaza or a small residential driveway, we have the skills and equipment needed to complete your job on time and on budget. 

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asphalt repair
parking lot asphalt repair
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We Make Extensive Repairs Look Easy

When asphalt repairs need to be completed, a material called “hot mix asphalt” is used. Unless the customer makes the request, we make every effort not to use “cold patch asphalt” due to its inability to last for long lengths of time. We will use saws or asphalt milling machines to cut the areas out squarely, check the base underneath the previous asphalt, and then install the new hot mix asphalt. Once that is done, we will use our drum rollers to achieve proper compaction. Contact AMP Paving today for assistance with your asphalt repairs or asphalt surfacing needs.