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Quality Thermoplastic application Lasts for Years

At AMP Paving, we offer thermoplastic application as a part of our service lines. We have the capabilities to layout and complete intersections, stencil work, walkways, and many other types of small jobs.

While thermoplastic material is more expensive than using a latex or water-based paint, the durability of thermoplastic will pay off in the long run. The application of thermoplastic is great for those high traffic areas that will take a lot of abuse.

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What is Thermoplastic?

Thermoplastic is created by combining glass particles and resins. Pigments create the color, glass beads make it more reflective, and the filler bulks the paint. However, the binder makes the paint tough, flexible, and capable of sticking to the pavement. A chemical process bonds the color to the pavement.

Thermoplastic markings are what you see on most state roads and highways when you drive down the street. Government agencies choose thermoplastic striping because of its durability. It will not crack or fade like other paints because of the chemical bonding process that makes it adhere to the pavement surface.

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